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Subject: SUMISSION FOR RAMPART BASE: Dixie, my sister?-the journey begins By Robin R. Neher

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 8:22 PM


Dixie, my sister?-the journey begins

By Robin R. Neher




Dix learns a family secret that could change her life and that of

John Gage forever in the first chapter of this series


"Morning, Dix."  Paramedic Johnny Gage grinned as he and his

partner, Roy DeSoto came in for supplies.


"John, we have something we need to talk about." Dixie said,

her tone serious. "Roy, you might ought to ask Cap to get a

replacement for Johnny."


"Dix? Did something come up on his physical?" A concerned

Roy asked.


"No, nothing like that." Dix assured the strawberry blond

medic. "Johnny, let's go into the lounge, huh?"


"Sure, Dix." Johnny replied, too growing concerned. "Later,



Once in the lounge, Dix shut the door.


"Johnny, you remember my parents, don't you?" Dix asked.


"Of course. Sir, Ma'am." Johnny greeted Jerry and Maxine

McCall. "Dix, what is this about?!"


"Sit down, John." Jerry said, quietly. "What we're about to tell

you may shock you."


Johnny pulled up a chair next to Dixie and sat down.


"Where to begin." Blond-haired Maxine sighed. "Johnny, Dixie

tells me you've been searching for your birth parents."


"That's right." Johnny nodded. "I was adopted by the Gages

when I was two days old."


"When I was nineteen, I gave birth to a baby boy. His father

was a Sioux Indian." Maxine sobbed. "I wasn't ready to raise a

baby then! So, I gave him up for adoption."


"You think?-" Johnny stammered.


"That you are that child." Dix finished. "Johnny, When I was

last home, I was searching through the attic when I came across



Dix handed Johnny an old birth certificate.


"Look at the date on there." Dix said.


"That's Johnny's birthday." Roy gasped, joining them.


"It's okay, Roy can know too." Johnny told the McCalls. "Roy,

Maxine thinks I may be a son she gave up for adoption. I may

be Dix's brother!"


"Johnny, will you take a DNA test to find out?" Maxine asked.

"I have to know."


"Maxine, we can't push Johnny into this." Roy said. "The

decision has to be his."


"I know." Maxine nodded. "I know the results could change

Johnny and Dixie's relationship as well as their lives forever.

Johnny, we know that this must be a shock."


"More then you'll ever know!" Johnny yelled. "I mean, I knew I

was adopted, but I never once thought that the head nurse of

this ER could be my sister! Maxine, can I have some time to

think this over?"


"Of course." Maxine nodded.


"LA, Squad 51, available." Roy reported into the HT in his hand

as he and Johnny left for the station.