I don't usually title my entries but this particular one begs for a title. Shadowing Equals Disaster. It's a fairly new thing they started and it's OK for other doctors to be followed around but I prefer not to be. Mr. Ford, our lovely Hospital Administrator, came to me and said "Kel, I have a proposition for you." I knew when he uttered that very statement it was going to be nothing but pure trouble and I was right. Mr. Ford paired me (of all people!) up with a doctor that was the same age as me, was pretty intelligent but the dam fool didn't have a lick of common sense! Oh mercy, what a major headache. He wasn't shy with his opinion either. For someone who didn't know me, he had the audacity to ask me if I thought I might die of seriousness one day! I was speechless. Once I regained my composure, I told him "One more crack like that and I'll write your smart ass up for insubordination." I went on further to tell him they may put up with hijinks like that at Harbor but I wasn't putting up with that at Rampart in my Emergency Room. He chilled out quite a bit after that. He had good instincts for a doctor. He had bedside manner very similar to that of Joe (Early's). He told Dix that "my intensity scared the hell out of him" and I told her that was a good thing. He interacted well with the rest of the staff, including the paramedics. But he managed to rub me the wrong way more often than not. Even though I mentioned he had good instincts, there was one situation where he did not. Case in point, I allowed him to take a Base Station call. It was Squad 51 and they had a sinus tach patient. I have a pretty good idea of what I would have done to treat the patient. We read the same strip that Squad 51 sent. The patient was agitated and basically hyperventilating. He was in no clear danger according to John. Dr. Marc Strong, who was taking the call, had the paramedics start an IV with D5W TKO and if that wasn't enough, he told John to push 10 mgs of Diazepam over 1-2 minutes then transport! John asked him to repeat the orders, he did and John 10-4'ed it but I could tell by the sound of voice he was questioning it and I couldn't blame him. I had Mike man the Base Station and I took Dr. Strong to my office and blew a major gasket! All that the patient needed was to put a bag over his mouth and get to rebreathing his own air. I told him the IV wasn't at all necessary on top of the dam Diazepam! Like I said, I blew a major gasket. I went over the strip with him and told him this was a simple case of hyperventilation. He said he was simply doing what was best for the patient and I told him in this instance he was not! After John and Roy got to the hospital, I had them come to my office. I told John I heard the questioning of the orders in his voice and I didn't blame him. I told them the Rookie Doctor got quite the lecture from me. John asked me why I didn't override him and I told him I didn't think it was wise at the time but I seriously should have. They knew I was really irritated.


So to make a long story short, I highly recommended that the shadower be relieved of the shadowee and after explaining why, Dr. Ford agreed and dismissed him. I told him I was not shadowing material and perhaps Joe Early would be a better candidate for that.