Challenge 21-Loose Ends

                                                            By: Melisa Read




            Dixie headed to Pediatrics. She got a call from Lindsey, RN in charge of Pediatrics that Kelly had been there. According to Lindsey, Kelly looked devastated when he came out of Tina’s room.


 “Dixie he is sitting in the doctors lounge here in our department looking like someone who has lost his best friend.”


Dixie walked in to the Pediatric Doctor’s Lounge. He was sitting there with tears streaming down his face. Her heart went out to him.


He didn’t seem to hear her come in. She sat down next to him and took him into her arms. The sobbing racked his body. 


Through the sobs he said “Dixie she wouldn’t forgive me. I asked her to. She just looked at me like I was evil.”


 Dixie tried to soothe him but to no avail. “Shh it will be ok, I promise.”


“How can it be all right, tell me that. She has lost her father because of me.”  Kelly asked


“I don’t know Kelly, except to have faith that God will help this little girl. Just give everything time. The accident wasn’t your fault. Her father was drunk and put his little girl in danger, not you. I want you to realize for the last time, you are not responsible for that man’s death.”


Kelly looked up at Dixie. A small smile came to his lips.  Dixie noticed. She looked back at him and asked “What, Kelly. Just tell me.”


“Thank you Dixie, for being here today and I, oh, I don’t know just being you and making sure that I wasn’t alone and that as usual you put things in perspective for me.”


With that said Kelly leaned over and kissed Dixie on the cheek. He then laid his head back on the couch and took her hand and closed his eyes. Within a minute, Dixie realized he had gone to sleep.

She silently said a prayer that maybe just maybe her best friend would finally get some sleep and rest and put the guilt behind him. “Thank you Lord for saving my best friend.”

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