Lest We Forget 



Linda Taggatz



        This story is dedicated to Veterans of all wars  & military branches.



Kel  was clueless. He stared at the  box that Dix  had stashed in his office. He had  no idea what was in it or  what Dix was planning to do with it.


NOV. 11. Dix had the day off. She came in to get her box. Kel looked  up at her and  said “Hey Dix. I thought you were off today.


“I am. I just  came in to get that box. Thanks for letting me keep it in here.”


“Anytime. What’s in it?”


“American flags.”


“What do you want those for?”


“To remember.” Dix said.


Kel just looked at her quizzically. “Remember what Dix?”


Dix just looked at him and said “Come with me and see.”


Kel got up and said “I think I will.”


Kel put his coat on and grabbed the box. On the way out he told Joe Early he was going to be going with Dix.


“Ok Kel.” Joe said. “I can handle things here.”


“Thanks Joe.” Kel replied.


Then he & Dix left. Kel volunteered to drive  her. “Where to Dix” He asked as he started the car.


Dix directed him. She said  “The veteran’s cemetery.”


Kel went  to where he’d been directed to go. “Why here?” He asked.


“Today’s Veteran’s Day. I can’t and won’t forget.”


It then dawned on Kel, he’d forgotten she was a vet. She didn’t talk about it. Not to him. Not to anyone that he knew of.


“I’m sorry Dix. I forgot  that you’re a vet .”


Dix just smiled  and said “It’s easy to do. I don’t talk about it. Grab that box and follow me.”


Kel got the box and  followed her as she put flags at the graves. He soon joined her in doing that. They kept it up until they ran out of flags.


Kel took Dix to lunch. “Was it  really bad Dix?”


“Yes , it was.” She said  as she told him some of her war time experiences. Kel listened  raptly. When they finished lunch, Dix said she  had a couple more stops to make.


“Okay Dix.” Kel paid the tab left a tip then they left. “Where to next?” Kel asked.


“The florist. I have to get flowers for a couple old friends. They live at the veteran’s home.”


Kel drove her to the florist. Dix got the usual. Kel  waited for her. Dix came out  with the flowers. Kel let her direct him as to where to go.


They got to the home. Dix  asked Kel to help her deliver the flowers. He agreed. The  gentlemen were sitting in the lobby waiting for her.


“Hello!” She said as she saw them. She went over and hugged them and gave them each the flowers.


“Who’s you’re good looking friend Dix?” Howard asked.


George, Howard, I’d like you  to meet  Kel Brackett. He’s one of the doctors I work with.”


“Hello Kel said as he reached to shake their hands.

“These fine gentlemen were in my unit  in Korea. They’re special friends of mine.”


Kel sat down. George, Howard & Dix  started to reminisce about their time together in Korea.


When Kel was asked if he was a veteran, he  said “No Sir, but my  dad is. He was in World War Two. He doesn’t talk  much about it tho.”


“That’s not unusual. Many vets don’t care to recall  the horrible things they’ve seen.”


Kel nodded in understanding. He just kept listening until Dix said  “It’s time  for us to  be going.”


“It was nice meeting you guys.” Kel said as he shook their hands again.


“Nice to finally meet you.” They said. “Dix tells us about the people she works with.” Kel smiled and saluted them. Then he took Dix home.


Just before she left the car, Kel looked at  her and said “Thanks Dix.”


“For what?”


“Taking me along today. It was educational.”


Dix  smiled. “Never forget Kel.”


Kel went home. The next day, Dix had quite a surprise waiting for  her. Kel had ordered a bouquet of flowers similar to what  she had given George & Howard. Dix read the card. It said: “Thank you for everything. Love, Kel.” To Dix, that said it all.


                   The end.


I don’t own the characters. Just borrowed them.