E is for Excellence



Some say I’m a control freak, too strict, far too demanding and an ogre. Others say I’m an asshole, I take myself way too seriously, I am a fanatical perfectionist and ask way too much of my staff. Well, I’ll tell you. I have to confess I pretty much run the spectrum on all those accusations, but not without a good reason. I have a very responsible position in this hospital and nothing but excellence is demanded of me. So why can I not in return expect that from my staff?


We have a very demanding job here in the Emergency Room. We are basically in the business of saving lives. So, what that translates to is nothing short of excellence at the highest possible levels. Is it stressful? You bet it is. Is it demanding? Dam straight it is. Does that give me the right to demand perfection at all times? Absolutely it does.


I have said medicine is not an exact science and not every emergency has a happy ending but in spite of that, there is no reason at all not to demand the very best possible from those under me.


Not only that, I am the Head of the Emergency Room and it is my job and obligation to be a teacher and the best possible role model there is. It is up to me to create a path for those under me of learning and success. Most days I don’t mean to come off as a control freak but there are times when I have to take the bull by the horns and do what has to be done. I never want to be not approachable but some days I am and I regret that.


Many often times I am asked how I could be such a “total and extreme” opposite of Joe Early. I guess we just come from different backgrounds. Dixie has said more than once that that Joe has the unique gift of “balancing” me and I sure can’t argue with that. The two of us really could not be more opposite personality wise but we share a great deal in common when it comes to our immense respect for each other.


Joe too takes his role seriously but with a whole different approach. He too is a teacher and interacts well with everyone a gift I don’t always have. Joe has said more than once his success with people is a simple formula. He doesn’t have the “my way or the highway” attitude. And I find that hard to argue with truth be told.


I do know one thing. Our Emergency Room would not be blessed with the excellence it does without Dixie and Joe. And eventually, I’ll honestly be able to say Mike Morton. He’s almost there but just a tad shy. And that’s OK. We know his potential is fantastic and we see that on a daily basis.


One last thing, this is my Emergency Room and as long as it is, I will demand nothing short of excellence.