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An interesting shift leads to interesting dreams as seen through Dixie McCall’s eyes.


Dear Diary,


My oh my I have so much to tell you about my absolutely incredible night tonight. Kel and I spent an amazing evening together. What am I doing up at 0200? Would you believe I sang myself awake? Don’t worry I’ll explain my dream after I tell you about tonight. Enjoy!!


Kel and I were finally off on the same night for the first time in way to long! As a way to celebrate our freedom from Rampart, Kel decided to take me out to dinner. He wouldn’t tell me where though. Rascal!


I hurried home and dove in the shower. Man it was a long shift. As I showered though, I forgot about work and focused on Kel. I climbed out of the shower, dried off and headed for my closet. After a few minutes I chose a blue floor length gown. Within minutes I was fully dressed and ready.


I looked at my reflection and couldn’t help but smile, “Kel is going to go crazy tonight.”


I smiled one more time at my reflection and left my room. I picked up my purse and heard my doorbell ring. Looking up I saw it was six o’clock; Kel was right on time as usual. Smiling broadly I walked over and open the door.


The look on Kel’s face was absolutely priceless. He grinned broadly before he found his voice, “D-Dixie you look amazing.”


I blushed slightly. Kel didn’t look bad himself. He was wearing the dress shirt and pants I gave him for his birthday last year. Over the shirt he had on a navy blue sport coat.


I smiled, “You look amazing yourself, Kel.”


Kel smiled and I feel my heart melt, “Why thank you. Is my lady ready to go out for the evening?”


“Yes I am.”


“It will be my pleasure to escort you madam.”


I turned and locked my door after double checking that I have my purse. Kel offers me his arm, which I gladly accepted. Arm in arm we walked to Kel’s car. Always a gentleman, Kel helped me into the car, before walking around and getting in himself.


“Any hints on where we are going Kel?”


Kel smiled slyly, “No. Just trust me Dix.”


“With my life.” I smiled. It was rare to see Kel this relaxed. Kel turned the radio on and we enjoyed the ride.


“Nice to know we’re not on duty tonight.”


Kel smiled, “yes it is. I know it’s well known that I work a lot, but this stretch is insane even to me.”


I smiled softly, “You’re right.”


Looking around briefly, I recognized the area we were in. It was very upscale and played host to some amazing restaurants. Somewhat confused I asked, “Everything okay Kel?”


Kel smiled softly, “Everything is perfect, Dix. I hope you’re hungry.”


My jaw dropped as Kel pulled into a parking lot. He chose one of my favorite restaurants. I love the place even though I didn’t eat here much; it tended to put a hefty dent in my wallet, “But Kel…”


Kel parked and then turned to face me with a really soft look on his face, “But nothing Dix. We’ve been working insane lately. You’ve been my only sanity. Tonight is for you. I know this is one of your favorite restaurants. Thank you for everything. Now lets go eat.”


I swallowed the lump in my throat. Then I leaned in and kissed Kel. Gently breaking the kiss, he got out and walked around the car.


Waiting for Kel, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow! I am definitely one lucky woman.”


I smiled broadly, but softly as Kel opened the door. Smiling Kel helped me outta the car. Arm in arm we headed for the restaurant. It was definitely going to be a fun night!!


We walked in and were greeted by the smiling host, “Good evening sir, and madam.”


We both smiled as Kel spoke, “Good evening.”


“Name please?”


“Brackett, party of two.”


The host looked at the list of reservations and quickly found us, “Ah yes, Doctor Kelly Brackett, party of two. “We have your table ready. Please follow me.”


Smiling we followed the man. My smile grew even bigger when I saw it was open mic night. Kel was in for a huge surprise, he wasn’t going to know what hit him. We followed the man to a table fairly close to the open mic stage. I couldn’t help but think, “Oh this is absolutely perfect!”


I smiled walked with Kel to the table. He pulled out my chair and helped me sit down, “Thank you.”


Kel smiled as he sat, “You’re welcome.”


The host left, seconds later our waiter walked over with menus and some water. Just then the pianist also appeared.


The waiter smiled, “Good evening sir, ma’am my name is Frank I will be your waiter tonight. May I start you off with a drink?”


I smiled, “White wine please.”


“Yes ma’am. For you sir?”


“Same as the lady please.”


Frank smiled, “Yes sir.”


Frank left. Kel became concerned, “Dix, are you okay?”


I thought, “Darnit, he knew something was on my mind.” I smiled broadly, “I’m perfect Kel. Absolutely perfect.”


Kel could tell just by looking at me that I was indeed okay.


I asked, “Kel, would you mind if I do something?”


Slightly confused Kel answered, “Sure.”


I took a quick drink of my water, stood and kissed Kel lightly. Breaking the kiss I smiled broadly, “I’ll be back.”


Kel smiled, “Okay, hurry back.”


I grabbed one last drink of water and left the table. I had to go on stage now, before I lost my nerve. Taking a deep breath I walked over to the pianist, “Excuse me.”


Surprised the pianist turned toward me, “Yes?”


“May I sing?”


The pianist smiled, “Yes ma’am you can.”


I smiled, “Thank you.”


“Do you have a song in mind?”


I knew the perfect song to sing to Kel, “Yes I do. Do you know Fly Me to the Moon?”


The pianist smiled broadly, “Yes I do.”


I smiled with relief, “Good.”


“One last question before you start.”




“What’s your name?”


“Dixie McCall.

I couldn’t help but think, “Kel is going to go nuts.”


“Take the mic whenever your ready.”


The pianist cued his mic as I walked up to mine. I smiled as I saw Kel’s jaw drop. The pianist spoke, “Ladies and gentlemen please direct your attention to the stage as Dixie McCall sings for us.”


I took one final deep breath and waited for my cue. Seconds later I heard my cue.


Picking up the mic, I focused solely on Kel, “Fly me to the moon. Let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. In other words, hold my hand. In other words, darling kiss me.”


I took a quick breath and continued, “Fill my heart with song and Let me sing forever more. You are all I long for. All I worship and adore. In other words, please be true. In other words I love you.”


One last quick breath, “Fill my heart with song and Let me sing for ever more. You are all I long for All I worship and adore. In other words, please be true. In other words In other words, I love you.”


Smiling I saw Kel’s eyes shine with pride. I blushed and took a bow as the place erupted in applause. Replacing the mic I smiled over at the pianist.


Then I stepped off the stage into Kel’s waiting arms. He hugged me tight. I melted. Kel whispered, “That was absolutely amazing Dixie. Thank you so much.”


I whispered in Kel’s ear, “You are so very welcome Kel. I am glad you liked it.”


We kissed gently, but long. Slowly, we broke the kiss and headed back to our table.


Welcome back to the present now. I truly wish I had the time to write out my entire night plus my dream. Regretfully, I don’t because I have to start getting ready for work soon. It’s already 0245. Time really does fly.


After an amazing evening with Kel, I came home. Within twenty minutes and completely relaxed I fell asleep. As relaxed and happy as I was I could only imagine where my dreams going to take me.


I opened my eyes and was not in my apartment anymore. Far from it!!


Hearing a crowd I was confused; looking around I realized I was back stage. Suddenly I heard Johnny yell, “Dixie!”


I spun around, wearing a silver gown and heels. I smiled with relief when I saw Joe, Kel, Johnny and Roy; the four guys who can calm me down in any situation. The guys walked over. Roy spoke up, “We came back to wish you luck tonight.”


Johnny smiled and added, “Have fun.”


Joe said, “Relax.”


Kel kissed me gently, “Just be you.”


Hearing my friends words I relaxed, “Thanks guys. That really means a lot.”


The guys all smiled as Johnny said, “You’re welcome.”


Suddenly a stagehand walked over, “Miss. Dixie, I have to break this up but you have five minutes.”


“Thank you.”


The stagehand walked away. Joe smiled, “That’s our cue to get to our seats.”


Roy grinned broadly, “Good luck tonight.”


Johnny gave me his lopsided grin and added, “Have fun.”


Roy, Johnny and Joe walked back slightly to give Kel and me minute. We hugged and kissed. Slowly we broke the kiss. We didn’t want to, but it was almost show time. Kel said softly, “You’ll do great. I love you.”


I smiled, “I love you too. I’ll see you soon.”


Kel smiled, “Looking forward to it.”


I watch as the guys left. Then I turned and headed for the curtain. The crowd was really going nuts. The stagehand who had let me know about the time hands me my mic, “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome. Good luck tonight.”




The stagehand left. I took a deep breath as I heard the speakers come to life with the announcer’s voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, here she is. The woman you’ve all been waiting for Dixie McCall.”


The crowd was deafening as I walked on stage. Smiling, I waved to the crowd before I start, “We like to chat about the dresses we will wear tonight, we chew the fat about our tresses and the neighbor’s fight. Inconsequential things that men don’t really care to know become essential things that women find so appropro. But that’s a dame. We’re all the same.”


“It’s just a game, we call it girl talk girl talk. We all meow about the ups and downs of all our friends, the ‘who’, the ‘how’, the ‘why’ we dish the dirt, it never ends.”


“The weaker sex, the speaker sex, you mortal males behold but tho’ we joke we wouldn’t trade you for a ton of gold. It’s all been planned, so please take my hand. Please understand the sweetest girl talk talks about you.”


“It’s all been planned so please understand the sweetest girl talk talks about you.”


The crowd went nuts.


I smiled and broke into my second song, “Let there be you. Let there be me. Let there be oysters under the sea. Let there be wind, An occasional rain. Chile con carne, Sparkling champagne.”


“Let there be birds sing in the trees, Someone to bless me when I sneeze. Let there be cuckoos, A lark and a dove, But first of all, please let there be love.”


“Let there be you. Let there be me. Oysters under the sea. Let there be wind, An occasional rain. Chile con carne, Sparkling champagne.”


“Let there be birds to sing in the trees, Someone to bless me when I sneeze. Let there be cuckoos, A lark and a dove, But first of all, please let there be love let there be love let there be love.”


Welcome back to the present. By the time I was done singing Let There Be Love, I was wide-awake. Now it’s 0345. I have to get ready for work. Kel wants to do breakfast before our shift.


Til we meet again

The singing nurse Dix J


AN: Fly Me to the Moon, Girl Talk and Let there Be Love are all on Julie London’s The Very Best of Julie London CD Disc 1


AN 2: There will be a brief pause at this point as I write the follow up to this series so stay tuned folks.