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Title: Chat with Dr. Brackett
Author: Robin R. Neher
Rating: G
Pairing: N/A
Archive: Yes
Fandom: Emergency!
Summary: A continuation of the "Bottom line" episode
Content Warning: None
After the last words were said, Dr. Mike Morton got up to leave. Paramedics John Gage and Roy DeSoto followed suit.

"John, wait a minute. You too, Roy." Dr. Kelly Brackett , head of the ER at Rampart General hospital instructed. "You can go, Mike."

Morton nodded, then left the office. Once he was gone and the door shut, he turned his attention back to the medics.

"Fellas, I think we need to talk about your behavior out in the hall." Raven haired Kel began.

"Doc, I apologize for blowing up at Morton." Johnny replied. "I got a little steamed."

"Even so, your conduct out there was uncalled for." The doctor told the Paramedics. "Mike Morton is a good doctor with alot of potential. Yes, he's overcautious, but so was I as an intern. When you devote years of your life to learning this profession, then come out of school, you wanna make a good impression. You both were out of line to yell at him in public that way!"

"Doc, Morton-" Roy began.

"He was wrong too, but that's no excuse for what you guys did." Brackett told them. "Morton is a doctor and deserves respect. You two are Paramedics who are there to carry out our orders at rescues!"

"You're right, Doc." Johnny admitted.

"Look, if you have a problem with Morton or any other doctor in the future, bring it to me, Okay?" Brackett asked.

Both Paramedics nodded.

"Good." Brackett nodded. "Lecture concluded."

The medics just left the office and got back to work.