Today is MEMORIAL DAY. Our veterans served honorably. It should be our honor and privilege to serve them now. Even if it's only dinner.
DEC. 17,2012

God has promised he would heal the broken hearted. Jesus said "Let the little children come to me." May God heal the hearts of the families of the Connecticut school shooting. May he be with the families who learned that their children would never be coming home and for the families of the brave adults who tried to protect the children. May he be with those who responded to the crisis and had to see what had happened. May he be with the families as they start to lay their loved ones to rest. Bless the President. He spoke to the families and the rest of us not as president but as a father. He spoke from his heart. The governor had the hard job of telling the families the bad news but he handled it well.

I heard a great quote last night. 92 year old Little Jimmy Dickens said from the stage of the Opry last night. He was on but he told a joke and thanked the people who prayed for him during a long illness. He closed his remarks with "Don't worry about tomorrow because GOD IS ALREADY THERE!" I thought what a great quote! I had to comment on it here. Jesus said that God knows the needs of even the smallest creatures are they of more value than man? He knows what we need today, tomorrow and every day. UPDATE: Little Jimmy Dickens passed away early January at the age of 94. OCT. 6, 2013

Lord, you are the master of life and of death. You know things we don't. Be with those of us who are grieving. Put your strong, gentle arms around us all and give us comfort. I ask this in the name of the one who rose again and conquered death, your son, our avior and comforter Jesus. Amen. I write this this as I get ready to go to a funeral next week in Wisconsin. I love you sis, hang in there. God will give you the strength you need. APRIL 2015.

Easter has come and gone. The weather is up and down. Spring is here. I saw a blooming dandelion, first flower. Just goes to show that God is in command of the seasons.

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