You'll Be Blessed

By Krislyn Smithers


You, you'll be'll have the best, I promise you that.

--Elton John


"Morning, beautiful."  Kel smiled at his wife as he woke up and found her watching him.


Dixie smiled back at him.  "Good morning yourself."


"I wish we didn't have to go to work so I could stay here with you all day."


"So do I...but we have to, so let's go."  Dixie laughed, standing up.


"Are you sure you're okay?" Kel asked, worried, watching her.  "You've looked kind of pale and uncomfortable lately."


"I'm fine," she promised.  "I've just had some muscle spasms...nothing that will kill me.  Just annoying..."


"How long has this been going on?"


"About a month, I guess."


Kel frowned at her.  "You should have it checked out.  Something could be wrong."


"If it doesn't stop soon, I will," she said.  "Now come on.  We're going to be late for work.  Besides, you wouldn't want to stay home with me all day...being married has let me get my guard down.  I've gained weight."


Kel laughed.  "You women are obsessed with that.  You still look beautiful to me."


"But you've noticed." Dixie watched him suspiciously.


"Well, not really.  But you know psychology.  Once you mention it, I'll probably see things that aren't there, Dix."  He hugged her.  "But I still love you and you're still as beautiful as when we got married."


"Thank you.  I love you too.  Now let's get to work.  We have sick people to help.




It had been a very busy day at the hospital.  Dixie put her head in her hands at the base station.  Kel came up to her.


"Honey, what's wrong?"


"What's wrong?!"  Dixie looked up.  "Everything!  We've gotten the real nuts of LA today...and every problem that could happen, did.  I'm afraid to leave for remember what happened last time I went for lunch after a day like this!"


Kel smiled.  He did remember.  "Yeah, we had to deliver a baby."


Dixie smiled too.  "I guess that wouldn't be so bad.  It was kind of nice.  But I'd like to enjoy lunch with you, too."  She kissed his cheek.


"Well, then consider it a date."  Kel smiled at her.  "Around noon?"


"Sounds lovely."  Dixie looked up as her name was paged on the intercom.  "Gotta go!"


He squeezed her hand.  "Take care, love."


" too." 




Noon came...not soon enough for Dixie.  She was feeling a bit worse than she had that morning...and her back was killing her.  "Hi, Kel."


"Ready to go?" Kel asked.


"You bet."  Dixie smiled.


"Where do you want to go?"


"Anywhere, as long as it's away from here and I'm with you."


Kel smiled.  "How about Mario's?"




"Are you okay?" Kel asked again.  "You really don't look good."


"My back is sore," Dixie admitted.  "Those muscle spasms have died down a bit, though...not sure I like the trade.  I think I'm just falling apart."


Kel smiled.  "Well, when we get home, I'll have to give you a complete exam."  He grinned.  "Then we can work on a care plan."


Dixie laughed.  "Excellent plan, Doctor."


At lunch, Kel noticed that Dixie was not eating much.  "Dix?"


She shrugged.  "I'm sorry.  I guess I'm just not very hungry."


"I really think you need to make an appointment.  You've been feeling less than great and now you have no appetite."


"You're right," Dixie admitted.  "I mean..."  Suddenly, she clutched her stomach.  "Ow!"


"What?!  What is it?!"  Kel ran to her side.




That was obvious.  "How bad is the pain, Dix?"


"It's awful!"  She was breathing in shallow gasps.  "I've never felt anything like this in my life..." 


Kel looked to the concerned waiter that had come over.  "Call the fire department!  Tell them to send medics...a woman with severe abdominal pain, sudden onset..."


"I don't need medics..." Dixie managed. 


"You're the patient now, you don't decide," Kel told her.  "You're in bad you can't walk...I'm not going to risk driving you back to the hospital..."


Dixie moaned in pain, nodding as she gave in.  Kel took his stethoscope out of his pocket and put it on her stomach, listening for any abnormal sounds.  He pulled back, looking shocked.  "Dixie?  How long have you been pregnant?"


"That's not funny, Kel."


"I'm not being funny...I'm hearing fetal heart tones!"


Dixie groaned again as the pain intensified.  It all made sense.  She thought she'd hit menopause several months ago...she'd felt funny and missed her period.  She never considered pregnancy then--or after, since one didn't get pregnant after menopause.  The muscle spasms she'd been feeling must've been the baby kicking.  And now...she was in labor.  She didn't get how she hadn't showed more than she had...but, then, she must have been carrying to the back and the baby must've been small.  She had seen that before.  "Oh, no...Kel, then I must be in labor..."


Kel grinned at her.  "I figured that out myself..."  He looked around.  "I want to move you somewhere I can examine you..."  Once that was done, he examined her carefully.  "Dixie, how long has your back been hurting you?!"


"All day...part of last night..." Dixie said, before crying out again. 


Then it wasn't too early for the head to be crowning.  Kel bit his lip.  "Did your water break yet?"


That question was answered a second later when it did.


Kel took a deep breath.  "Dixie...I think you're about ready to deliver."  He was really worried about the baby.  "How long has it been since you thought..."


"Seven months," she answered, having wondered herself.


Well, at least the baby had a fighting chance then.  "Okay...Dixie, I see the baby's head..."  His heart jumped.  "Lots of blonde hair like Momma.  With the next contraction...push."


Dixie nodded.  "Okay..."  She pushed when he told her to...collapsing back with relief several minutes later when the baby slid free of her body.  "Kel...?"


Kel warmed the baby in his jacket, trying to dry her off.  "It's a beautiful little girl."


"Is she all right?"


The baby began to cry...not as strong as she should have been, but enough to let them know her little lungs were working.


Kel's shock had been overcome by love.  "She's perfect, Dixie...ten little fingers and toes...and she looks like her Mom." 


Dixie looked at him, unsure of how he would react.  "Kel...I...I'm sorry I didn't..."


"Nurses have been known to ignore symptoms before," Kel teased.  "It's a wonderful surprise, Dixie...the best one ever.  I love you...and our little girl..."


Dixie looked in awe at the tiny stranger who was quickly stealing both their sirens sounded outside.  "She's so small..."


"She'll grow."  Kel nodded.


Johnny and Roy came in, wondering what was going on...then stopped short, looking at the new family.  "Doc?  Dixie?"


Kel's grin got wider.  "You got here just in time to be too late.  I'd like you to meet our daughter."


"Wow."  Roy thought of when his kids had been born.  "Congratulations."


"Yeah...congratulations!" Johnny smiled.


"Thanks, guys."  Kel smiled, watching his sleeping wife and daughter and feeling very lucky to have them both.




The next day, Kel was sitting in Dixie's room as she held the baby.  The doctors had said the little girl would be okay and could be released in a couple of soon as her weight got up a bit.  They had been lucky.


Dixie smiled.  "Our little angel needs a name."


Kel nodded.  "Well...there was an angel named about Gabrielle?"


"It's perfect."  Dixie smiled.  "And your mother's name was about Gabrielle Hope?"


"I like it."  Kel smiled, tickling his tiny daughter.  "We can call her Gabby..."


Little Gabby yawned sleepily and snuggled back into her blankets. 


Kel kissed Dixie's forehead.  "Well, guess we ended up delivering a baby on our lunch break again." 


"This one I didn't mind...much."  Dixie smiled.  "Not in the end."


"By the way..."  Kel kissed her.  "I'll have to make this holiday up to you once you're feeling better..."


Dixie tried to imagine what holiday it could have been...and then she realized it and her eyes filled with tears.  "Oh, Kel..."


Kel's lips met her forehead again.  "Happy Mother's Day, Dix."


The End